New Planet Discovered: Gliese 581g is a ‘Goldilocks’ Planet

*** This article is from the archives as it was originally published on this domain on September 30th 2010: Uploaded here September 10th 2016 ***

Scientists have announced that they have discovered a new planet that they are calling Gliese581 (or Gliese 581g), that falls in the “Goldilocks’ zone. A ‘Goldilocks’ planet is one which is an appropriate distance from the sun, meaning that it could be habitable for human beings, as well as other forms of life.

The new planet has all the aspects needed for life, including gravity, an atmosphere, and an average temperature of approximately 10.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The atmosphere and gravity on the planet mean that there is a really good chance there could be water on it. All of these conditions make Gliese 581 g very livable for human beings.

The planet is located 20 light years from Earth, yet is still very very similar to earth as far as living conditions go. 20 light years away seems extremely long to a normal human being, but in terms of astronomy, it really isn’t all that far. Gliese 581g has a mass approximately 3 1/2 times that of Earth, and it only takes 37 days to orbit its sun.

Could Gliese 581g have alien life on it? Scientist plan to look further into that question.

“We had planets on both sides of the habitable zone – one too hot and one too cold, and now we have one in the middle that’s just right,” explained Steve Vogt, the co-discoverer of Gliese 581g.

Vogt also went on to say, “Our findings offer a very compelling case for a potentially habitable planet.”

These findings come only days after officials from the U.S. Airforce came out and reported that they had been hiding information about UFOs and Aliens that had disabled nuclear weapons on a testing base. Could we be close to finding Alien life? It’s very possible.

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