Twitter Users on Brett Favre Scandal, Jenn Sterger Sexting Pics & Deadspin

As of now, it’s just a huge scandal, with not much backing. Did Brett Favre really take part in sexting Jenn Sterger when he played for the Jets like Deadspin sources say?

If so, it could be bad news for the Minnesota Vikings QB. The NFL is investigating the matter, and should relatively easily be able to come to a conclusion. All they have to do is get hold of the cell phone records for calls and text/photo messages sent to Jenn Sterge’rs phone. If they can do that, it should be easy to determine if these calls and sexting messages came from a phone used by Favre. Whether the NFL can get hold of these records is not known yet.

Here is what the Twitter nation has been saying about the whole scandal (with twitter user names removed).

* “I don’t believe these Brett Favre rumors on”
* “Brett Favre has his hands full with tears.”
* “Jenn Sterger turned down Brett Favre… too funny!”
* “I hope this Favre scandal helps make the Vikings lose team chemistry.”
* “Is Brett Favre so stupid that he would really be sexting Playboy model Jenn Sterger?”
* “I don’t believe this Favre rumor on Deadspin. He’s not that crazy… I don’t think..”
* “Brett Favre is still the love of my life, even if these sexting rumors are true.”

There are plenty of mixed reactions to this scandal, as some people are believing the rumors, while others deny them. Once the NFL decides what to do about the incident, people will be able to make more conclusive opinions on how they really feel about Favre.